CDSFA Match Sheets

The Canterbury and District Soccer Football Association (CDSFA) has implemented the use of electronic match for all fixtures, and electronic ID cards for Players (Under 12 and older) for the 2021 Season.

Team Officials (Coach and Team Managers) will be issued with and will still need to always wear in a visible manner, their CDSFA issued ID card while acting in the capacity of a Team Official. This is in conjunction with the wearing of the Yellow hi-vis Team Officials vest. Should either of these not be always worn/visible, the Team Official will not be permitted within the roped/fenced technical area to carry out their team duties.

Match sheets for 2021 will no longer be available for download from the AJFC website.  Instead, electronic match sheets and Player ID cards will now be available via the Dribl app available from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.  They can also be accessed via the Dribl website.

Once registered and allocated to a team in Dribl, Team Officials (Coaches AND Team Managers) will be granted access to manage the electronic match sheets for their team.  The Game Day digital processes do not vary greatly from when hard copy match sheets and ID cards were in place, they are now just digital in nature. 
Perhaps the key difference is that there are a series of steps that MUST be completed for the match to start and complete.  These can be completed by the registered and allocated Coach or Team Manager but must be actioned as follows:

PRE-GAME (in Dribl)
  • Login and select your match
  • Review your team, update player availability and add borrowed players, captain and record jersey numbers.
  • Once complete – press SUBMIT
  • Check the opposing team has been entered
  • Check whether a referee is allocated

GAME DAY (in Dribl)
  • Make sure your team is correct
  • Review opposition team checking player/coach/manager photos against those present with referee
  • When in order, press CONFIRM and play
  • If not in order, the Referee will resolve either in the affirmative or reject a player as a participant
  • Opposition team manager will conduct the same check

POST GAME (in Dribl)
• Review players and remove any that did not play
• Check yellow/red cards (if any)
• Confirm Goal Scorers (BBC @ AAW/1 only)
• Enter your score for the game
• Later when completed, CONFIRM the score entered by the Match Official (Referee)

Key Changes
1. Home Team Managers are no longer required to print a Match Sheet. This is only required if you are unable to access the Dribl app for any reason

2.  Photos and emails of scores are no longer required to be sent to the Club

3. Drop off of the Match Sheet off at the Campbell Park Club House shed in the Score Sheets Box is only required in exceptional circumstances where you are unable to access the Dribl app.

Abbotsford Juniors strongly recommends that all Coaches and Managers should familiarise themselves with the following documents:
Dribl Competition Guide - Dribl quick guide to Match Sheet processing
CDSFA Dribl Communication - Dribl Digital Scoring and Match Sheet introduction

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